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The Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi, founded by two pioneering icons of Italian theatre, Giorgio Strehler and Paolo Grassi, aims at promoting and encouraging the studies of young artists in the making coming from various realities, different experiences, and different nations.

In 2020, the terrible year of Covid-19, the Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi has engaged all the excellent educational and artistic skills of its teachers to offer quality theatrical teaching even at a distance, preserving its experiential, interactive dimension that is essential for artistic learning in every respect.
Online just like in-person: innovation at the service of tradition, including practical disciplines such as physical, voice and movement training, acting exercises and directing experiments.

The Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi launches a new educational offering: Grassi Accessibile – International Programmes, arising from the need to open the doors of the Milanese Academy, and with them the doors of Italy, to all people interested in the artistic specialities and cultural excellence of our country.

Grassi Accessibile – International Programmes is for all those who want to further explore and complete a specialisation, offering three intensive online courses based on live teaching and exclusive use of the English language.

The courses include How to Stage Italian Opera, a preparatory workshop for opera and musical direction, Commedia dell’Arte, introduction to the principles and techniques of Commedia dell'Arte, and A Contemporary Approach to Carlo Goldoni’s Characters, which focuses on how to approach Goldoni’s characters between tradition and modernity. This offering fully represents Italian theatrical traditions that can be disseminated thanks to avant-garde training and teaching techniques, which make the Paolo Grassi Theatre School one of the most prestigious Academies of Dramatic Art in Europe.

The teachers chosen for the three courses are true excellences of Italian Theatre: Fabio Cherstich, opera director acclaimed by international critics who stands out for his innovation, Michele Bottini, eclectic actor and polyglot teacher of Commedia dell’Arte with considerable international experience, also a global testimonial of the genre at Expo 2015, together with Andrea Cavarra, mask maker, and lastly Natalia Magni, a multifaceted actress and bilingual teacher who has worked in Theatre, Cinema and Television in Italy and in the United States.

Grassi Accessibile - International Programmes

Giorgio Franchi talks about his experience as a student at the Scuola Paolo Grassi extracurricular programme and with the Grassi online live lessons

Coordinatore International Programmes

Giorgina Cantalini



A contemporary approach to Carlo Goldoni’s characters

Acting workshop in English

Goldoni’s characters between tradition and modernity

a cura di Natalia Magni

12 aprile - 14 giugno 2021

Vedi Corso

Commedia dell'arte

Acting and mask making workshop

Introduction to the principles and techniques of Commedia dell’Arte

a cura di Michele Bottini, Andrea Cavarra

3 febbraio - 1 aprile 2021

Vedi Corso

How to stage Italian Opera

Preparatory workshop for directing operas and musicals

Creating a musical theatre project

a cura di Fabio Cherstich

18 - 29 gennaio 2021

Vedi Corso


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